SANITAS Farmaceutici Srl is an historic pharmaceutical company, founded in 1931 and acquired in the late 1990s, by its current owners.


SANITAS Farmaceutici Srl is preset throughout Italy and employs a sales manager, area managers, medical representatives and a group of appropriately trained specialist.


The tradition of quality


We strongly believe that it is only through attention to todays desire for health, that Sanitas can express its potentials on the market.

Quality, safety and attention to the needs of all life stages, are the main points that identify us.

By carefully listening to the requets of doctors, pharmacists and patients, we created valid therapeutic solutions to offer to family doctors and specialist. We follow our products from the earliest stages of development to their final production to be sure that we mantain the high stadards of quality and safety required by present regulations.

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Medifarma Srl

Viale Monastir 220

09100 Cagliari - Italia

Tel. 070.537151 - Fax. 070.53715224

Negri Sas

Via delle Industrie 4/a

35040 Boara Pisani (Padova) Italia

Tel. 0425.91221

Farma-System Snc

Via Reginaldo Giuliani, 98/a

50100 Firenze - Italia

Tel. 055.4377783 - Fax. 055.4377819


Our products are distributed all over Italy, trough wholesalers and are available in all pharmacies.



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